Kitsune Obsession

Crazy over a fox centuries older than me...

Crazy fangirl of Kurama from Yuu Yuu Hakusho. <3

Quick 'About Me':
I dabble in...
AMVs/MMVs (again, basic Window Movie Maker program.)
Icon Making
Fanfiction (never really write until I get really inspired and a deadline. yes, DEADline.)

Inspiration is needed for all three above. You could say I do fanart, but I don't really do much of it, and so far whenever I try something it gets ripped, lost, and other bad things happening to it. -.-

I like...
Kurama. <3
Other characters, too many to name. (But there are never enough strong female characters to like. D:)
Manga, Anime
Reading good, In Character fanfiction (IC fics are hard to find. DX)
Reading books in general (exceptions: textbooks, non-fiction... not really a fan of sci-fi either)
Gaming (not to say I'm any good, of course. XD)
Handicrafts (making random things is fun!)

Critique and comments are NOT personal attacks. =.=